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Maurizio de Giovanni

Nameless Serenade

Maurizio de Giovanni

Nameless Serenade

2018, pp. 352, e-Book
ISBN: 9781609454616
Translated by: Antony Shugaar
Book collection: World Noir
Paper edition Paper edition Paper edition
$ 9.99
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The book

A Commissario Ricciardi Mystery

That autumn it seemed the rain in Naples would never stop, and Commissario Ricciardi found himself having to face not only a homicide but long-buried feelings that have grown thick roots inside him.

It’s been over fifteen years since Vinnie Sannino left on a ship for America without telling anyone. During that decade and a half, Vinnie found fame, success, and wealth as a boxer, becoming the middleweight champion of the world. But that all came to a terrifying halt when his last opponent died in the ring and Vinnie lost his desire to fight.

Now, he’s back in Italy in search of the woman he left behind, Cettina, the love of his life. But Cettina has moved on. She’s now a woman, a married woman. Or, she was until recently. Her husband, a wealthy businessman, has been found murdered. There’s no murder weapon to speak of. He was killed with a single blow to the head, not unlike the blow that felled Vinnie’s opponent in the ring on that fateful night in America.

For Ricciardi, and his partner Maione, it is going to be a long, rainy, and deadly autumn.

The author

Maurizio de Giovanni
Maurizio de Giovanni lives and works in Naples. In 2005, he won a writing competition for unpublished authors with a short story set in the thirties about Commissario Ricciardi, which was then turned into the first novel of the series. His books have been successfully translated into French, Spanish and German, and are now available in English for the first time.

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