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Caryl Férey

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Caryl Férey

Caryl Férey’s novel Utu won the Sang d’Encre, Michael Lebrun, and SNCF Crime Fiction Prizes. Zulu, his first novel to be published in English, was the winner of the Nouvel Obs Crime Fiction and Quais du Polar Readers Prizes. In 2008, it was awarded the French Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel. He lives in France.

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Caryl Férey will participate in a panel discussion on international noir with Paco Taibo, Hirsh Sawhney and Pete Hamill at the 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 12. The conversation...
While visiting New York City to promote his novel Zulu, Caryl Férey sat down with Detectives Beyond Borders to answer some questions about international noir, crime writing and South Africa, among...

Latest reviews

  • Six South African films have been selected to compete in the 2015 Zanzibar International Film Festival. The Festival sponsored by Zuku, will take place between Saturday, 18 and Sunday, 26 July 2015 in Stonetown. It is the longest running film-festival in East Africa, with...
    — Jun 15 2015
  • By chance, I’ve read two novels set in Africa recently: Caryl Férey’s Zulu (translated by Howard Curtis, World Noir/Europa Editions 2010) and Vamba Sherif’s Bound to Secrecy (HopeRoad 2015). While different to one another in many respects, both are highly interesting,...
    — May 3 2015
  • Europa Editions, a New York based publisher founded in 2005, first came to my attention a few years ago through one of their noir titles. I really enjoy Europa’s Italian crime novels written by Massimo Carlotto, Jean Claude Izzo, and Carlo Lucarelli. There’s a predictable...
    — May 10 2010
  • Note: This novel was WINNER of the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière in France for being the Best Crime novel of the year in 2008.  It also was WINNER of  four other prizes, including the Novel Obs Crime Fiction Prize, the Critics’ Prize for Mystery, the Elle Readers...
    — May 5 2010
  • A crime novel set in post-apartheid South Africa, and the winner of the French Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel of 2008. As head of the Crime Unit, Ali Neuman has one of the most dangerous jobs in Cape Town. The fact that he is a black man investigating blacks, mulattos and...
    — Apr 6 2010
  • Readers should be prepared for graphic scenes of shocking violence in Férey's hard-hitting procedural, which won France's Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel. Ali Neuman, the chief of the Cape Town police crime unit, investigates the murder of 18-year-old Nicole Wiese, found...
    — Mar 22 2010
  • Zulu, the first novel by French author of "polar," (as the French call crime fiction) Caryl Férey is about Cape Town, South Africa: truly an international crime novel. Zulu (published this spring in English by Europa Editions) begins as a police procedural, centered on the head...
    — Feb 12 2010


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