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Sélim Nassib

Sélim Nassib

Sélim Nassib was born in Beirut in 1946 and currently lives in Paris. Throughout the 1980s, during the war in Lebanon, he served as a correspondent for the French newspaper Liberation. He is also well known for his articles appearing in other high-profile periodicals. In 1990, he put an end to his career as journalist and has since dedicated himself full-time to literature. He is the author of The Palestinian Lover (Europa Editions, 2007) and I Loved You for Your Voice (Europa Editions, 2006).

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Latest reviews

  • New Novel Chronicles Life, Love of Poet Ahmad Rami and Um Kulthum   I Loved You for Your Voice By Selim Nassib Trans. Alison Anderson Europa Editions, 2006   By Sami Asmar   The story of Arab arts and culture cannot be told without a...
    — Oct 25 2006
  • from Words Without Borders Modern Egypt is a dream unfulfilled. Independence from Britain was supposed to usher in a glorious era in which Egypt would unite the Middle East under the banner of pan-Arabism. That dream died in 1967, when Egyptian forces suffered a catastrophic...
    — Mar 20 2006
  • A fictional memoir of the intense, symbiotic relationship between an Egyptian poet and the Arab world’s greatest female singer. In rapt, lyrical prose, Paris-based writer and journalist Nassib spins a rhapsodic narrative out of the indissoluble connection between two creative...
    — Dec 21 2005

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