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Linda Ferri

Linda Ferri

Linda Ferri is the author of the novel Enchantments, a collection of short stories, and numerous books for children. She co-wrote the films: The Son’s Room (Palme d’or 2001, Cannes); directed by Nanni Moretti, The Life I Want and Light of My Eyes directed by Giuseppe Piccioni; and Along the Ridge by Kim Rossi Stuart.  She lives in Rome.

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Latest reviews

  • A secret diary, written on papyrus scrolls to a beloved deceased sister, re-imagines the life of Cecilia, a young Roman martyred for being a secret Christian. In Catholic tradition, Cecilia is renowned for her beautiful voice and the hymns she sang in God’s praise. The patron...
    — May 25 2010
  • Linda Ferri’s Cecilia, a historical novel translated from Italian by Ann Goldstein, was published by Europa Editions this year.  The lovely peach-colored cover, with the 1904  painting of the Roman girl by John William Godward, caught my attention on the table of new books. ...
    — May 21 2010
  • Saint Cecilia is listed in the Catholic Mass’ Commemoration of the Dead. Her feast day is easy to remember because it is the same day President Kennedy was assassinated: November 22. She is the patron saint of musicians and Church music because she is said to have sung as she...
    — May 9 2010
  • While contemplating the luck of her expansive education (the gift of an unusually doting father), 15-year- old Cecilia muses in her diary, “only a fool would flee his lucky star.” Though determined to find herself through study of the philosophers and to seek solace in song,...
    — Apr 12 2010


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