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Daniele Mastrogiacomo

Daniele Mastrogiacomo

Daniele Mastrogiacomo was born in Karachi in 1954. Since 1980, he has  covered national and international affairs for the Italian daily La Repubblica. He has worked as a foreign correspondent in some of the world’s most hostile places: Kabul, Teheran, Palestine, Baghdad, and Mogadishu. In 2006 he reported on the war in Lebanon between Israel and the Hezbollah.

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    — Sep 16 2010
  • Most journalists – and I am certainly one of them – work behind a desk. A few brave souls among us, however, insist on putting themselves in harm’s way. War correspondents have always been authentic heroes, no less so than the men and women in uniform whom they write about,...
    — May 1 2010
  • Adventure has always provided the raw material for great books, ranging from “Robinson Crusoe” to “Alive” and much in between. That’s why I was thrilled to be asked to moderate a panel on “Stories of Survival” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA on...
    — Apr 20 2010
  • Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo has reported from many of the world's most dangerous places, but the experience he recounts in Days of Fear reduces him to sobbing. At 52, he's a seasoned reporter and has come to Afghanistan, a land proudly boasting 3,000 suicide bombers,...
    — Mar 17 2010
  • Daniele Mastrogiacomo was taken prisoner by the Taliban in Afghanistan in March 2007 and Days of Fear is his account of the two weeks he was held captive, moved almost daily from camp to camp, and tortured physically and mentally.  Mastrogiacomo went to  Afghanistan to get...
    — Mar 8 2010
  • From The Wall Street Journal Over the past decade—as we know too well—the Internet has revolutionized journalism by allowing almost anyone to set up his own virtual news outlet from the comfort of his home-based laptop. But as Daniele Mastrogiacomo reminds us in...
    — Feb 26 2010
  • An Italian journalist skillfully recounts his 15 terror-filled days and nights in the hands of the Taliban. In the spring of 2007, La Repubblica Mastrogiacomo sought to interview a commander of the resurgent Taliban in Helmand province. Upon his arrival, the reporter—draped...
    — Dec 14 2009


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