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Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Valerio Massimo Manfredi is an archeologist and scholar of the ancient Greek and Roman world. He has taught at a number of prestigious universities in Italy and abroad and has published numerous articles and essays in academic journals and other publications. He also writes fiction: he has published sixteen novels which have won important literary awards and have sold a total of twelve million copies throughout the world. His Alexander trilogy has been translated into 38 languages and published in 62 countries and the film rights have been acquired by Universal Pictures. His novel The Last Legion He has also written screenplays for film and television, has contributed journalistic articles to many magazines in Italy and abroad and has written and conducted cultural programs and television documentaries for important international producers. was made into a film starring Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley and directed by Doug Lefler.

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On March 23 novelist, archeologist, topographer of the ancient world and screenplay writer Valerio Massimo Manfredi presented his latest historical thriller, The Ides of March, to...

Latest reviews

  • “Told in the tradition of country folktales,” A WINTER'S NIGHT's jacket copy reads. For some readers, I imagine that might be a deterrent, and if it is, resist your resistance. This expansive, multi-generational novel set in the first half of twentieth century Italy...
    — Mar 5 2013
  • The Brunis are tenant farmers in Italy’s Po Valley at the start of the 20th century. They frequently make their barn available to vagrants and travelers in need of shelter. One particularly cold winter night, a travelling storyteller claims that the sighting of a golden...
    — Feb 1 2013
  • The Brunis, a family of tenant farmers in northern Italy, find joy in a good harvest, a happy maniage, a story told over a bottle of young wine. But simple pleasures become rare as two world wars, along with Mussolini's rise, transform the nation. Manfredi constructs his narrative...
    — Nov 19 2012
  • Opening on a bitterly cold, snowy night in January 1914, A WINTER'S NIGHT follows the Brunis, an Italian peasant family, through the first half of the twentieth century. Theirs is a story of life in tune with the cycles of the seasons, of hardship and resilience, and the...
    — Sep 13 2012
  • A novel from Italian author Manfredi ( THE IDES OF MARCH, 2009, etc.) that follows three generations of the Bruni family, sharecroppers in the countryside near Bologna, Italy. A modern chronicle, it begins just before World War I and ends in the politically turbulent...
    — Aug 1 2012


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