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Alberto Angela

Alberto Angela

Alberto Angela hosts two of Italy’s most popular science television programs, Superquark and Quark Speciale. He is the author of Life-sized Museums (1988) and, with his father Piero Angela, The Extraordinary Story of a Growing Life (1996), Sharks (1997), and Voyage in the Cosmos (1998).

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Latest reviews

  • A Day In the Life of Ancient Rome by Alberto Angela, historic novel set in ROME. On a recent trip to Rome I decided to take “A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome” by Alberto Angela. The author’s objective is to “make the ruins of ancient Rome live again through an account...
    — Apr 11 2015
  • In a now-yearly ritual, Verso's hard-working team of staff — editors, publicists and other assorted book-elves — have taken a moment away from their busy schedules to give a run down of the books they've found most moving, interesting and inspiring over the last year.
    — Dec 19 2013
  • from Mostly Fiction What would A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome be if we didn’t slip in with the throngs to see the free, first-century amphitheater “entertainment” ourselves? We do, and we wait for the brutal show to begin. “And finally there they are:...
    — Nov 3 2009
  • from Bookslut Author Alberto Angela hosts two of Italy’s most popular science shows, Superquark and Ulisse, so it is not surprising that A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome feels like a cinematic tour through the apartments and streets of ancient Rome. Gregory...
    — Nov 3 2009
  • Many books, documentaries and movies claim to chronicle daily life in ancient Rome, but it’s rare to find a narrative so encrusted in detail as this lively offering from an Italian author and television host. Adopting a first person plural voice, Angela takes us on an eagle-eyed...
    — Jun 24 2009


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