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Atsuhiro Yoshida

Atsuhiro Yoshida

Born in Tokyo in 1962, Atsuhiro Yoshida is an award-winning book designer and a renowned author who has published more than 40 books. Goodnight Tokyo has been translated into French and German and was featured in Germany's 2022 Hotlist among the top ten books from independent publishing houses.

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Latest reviews

  • “A cacophony of characters and events and emotions that come together in a portrait of Tokyo, of course, but really humanity.”

    — Parade, Jul 9 2024
  • “Readers can find everything from a quiet slice of life to moments of wry humor to surprise encounters bordering on the unreal. The result is an energetic mix of episodes and snapshots that come together in a seamless tapestry.”—Hadyn Trowell

    — Electric Literature, Jul 8 2024
  • “The timeless quality of Tokyo in the wee small hours is evoked as taxi driver Matsui encounters eccentrics and insomniacs alike. . . rewards are plentiful.”

    — Financial Times, Jul 8 2024
  • ★ “A quiet slice-of-night-life novel, Goodnight Tokyo explores the hushed surprises and understated mysteries enmeshed in daily human connectivity.”

    — Foreword Reviews, Jul 1 2024
  • “Goodnight Tokyo . . . is about place, neighbors, and interconnectedness. . .  Through their stories, the author explores all of the surprising and mysterious ways we affect each other.”

    — Bustle, Jun 18 2024
  • “Readers will be reminded of Jim Jarmusch's 1991 movie Night on Earth, which also takes place in the wee hours of the morning and threads together the stories of strangers.”

    — NPR, May 21 2024
  • There’s something magical about these late-night fairy-tale interactions, every person unwittingly walking the city with the key to a stranger’s mystery in their pocket.”

    — Kirkus Reviews, May 17 2024
  • “[Goodnight Tokyo] is a delightful montage portraying strangers serendipitously connecting in the wee hours despite the vast anonymity of living in one of the world’s busiest, most populous cities.”

    — Booklist, May 16 2024
  • Solid, atmospheric ensemble-piece, neatly meshed together, an engaging slice of Tokyo... as seen from an unusual all-night vantage point.”

    — Complete Reviews, May 12 2024


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