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Tamara Tenenbaum

Tamara Tenenbaum

Tamara Tenenbaum was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. She is a lecturer at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and teaches Creative Writing at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina. She writes for Vice, La Nación, Infobae, Anfibia, and Orsai. In 2017 she published a collection of poems and in 2018 she was awarded the Premio Ficciones for her book Nadie vive tan cerca de nadie. Her first long-form essay, The End of Love has been published to great critical acclaim in Latin America, Spain, and Italy.

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Latest reviews

  • “Tenenbaum’s essay brings lucidity but also freshness to the body of readings advocating for greater liberation of women within the structure of patriarchal society.”
    — Sounds and Colours, Apr 3 2024
  • “One of the most salient threads of Tenenbaum’s book is a peculiar anxiety that many Millennial and Gen Z women are now wrestling with.”
    — The Atlantic, Mar 12 2024
  • “[A] memorable read on questions of intimacy, desire and power.”
    — Inside Hook, Feb 2 2024
  • “Argentinian journalist Tenenbaum makes her English-language debut with an incisive essay collection that shrewdly dissects the cultural pressures and ideals shaping modern notions of sex and relationships... It’s a feast for the mind.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Nov 9 2023


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