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Marvel Moreno

Marvel Moreno

Marvel Moreno was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 1939. She maintained a close relationship with the members of the “Barranquilla Group” including Gabriel García Márquez. She is well known in Colombia and is considered one of the most important Colombian writers. Her novel December Breeze was a finalist in the Plaza y Janés International Literary Prize in 1985 and was translated into Italian and French. In 1989 she received the Grinzane-Cavour prize awarded in Italy for the best foreign book. She died in Paris in 1995.

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Latest reviews

  • “Ambitious...December Breeze placed Moreno among the emerging Latin American women writers who became part of one of the most significant literary developments in the last two decades of the 20th century.”

    — On the Seawall, Nov 15 2022
  • “A comprehensive indictment of the conditions facing woman in that coastal Colombian city in the 1950s ... Exposing the city's sexual violence, misogyny, classism, and racism in sharp and unrelenting detail.”

    — Kirkus Reviews, Sep 28 2022


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