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Delphine Horvilleur

Delphine Horvilleur

Delphine Horvilleur is one of the few female Rabbis in France. She was ordained in America, as there was no possibility to study in France as a woman, and is the leader of the Liberal Jewish Movement of France. Her writings have appeared in the Washington Post and Haaretz. She lives in Paris.

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Latest reviews

  • “Horvilleur's deep reflections on mortality remind us that ‘in death a place can be left for the living.’”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Mar 15 2024
  • Delphine Horvilleur profiled in The New York Times.
    — The New York Times, Sep 30 2022
  • “presents a non-male perspective we need in mainstream Jewish literature."


    — Heyalma, Jul 21 2022


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