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Concita De Gregorio

Concita De Gregorio

Concita De Gregorio is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. One of la Repubblica’s best known and long-established columnists, she has written several works of non-fiction on politics and current affairs, as well as women’s and children’s issues. She was the editor of l’Unità newspaper, and is the creator and host of several successful news and current affairs programs for Italian national radio and television. The Missing Word is her second novel.

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Latest reviews

  • “Gorgeously written and utterly devastating.”
    — CrimeReads, Dec 19 2022
  • “De Gregorio’s slim narrative proves to be a dense, impassioned accomplishment.”
    — Booklist, Aug 5 2022
  • “The book’s spine is absence—absence of setting, absence of characters, absence of plot—and its structure reflects this absence.”
    — Reading In Translation, Jun 6 2022
  • ★ “It’s a story about that ‘missing word’ of the title, a word lacking in most languages, a word for parents who have lost children.”
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), May 11 2022
  • “De Gregorio effectively captures the anxiety and disorientation experienced by a woman during a traumatic crisis in this provocative and splintered English-language debut.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Apr 22 2022


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