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David Musgrave

David Musgrave

David Musgrave was born in North East England and now lives in London. He has exhibited widely as a visual artist, and his work is held in many collections worldwide.

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Latest reviews

  • “Ever wish George Saunders tried his hand at crime fiction? Try David Musgrave’s imaginative debut novel, Lambda.”
    — Wired, Jul 12 2022
  • Lambda is a riveting novel about human power dynamics.”

    — Foreword Reviews, Jul 1 2022
  • “Novels like this don’t work unless the author fully commits, and Musgrave does.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, May 25 2022
  • “An imaginative revisioning of some of today’s fears and fantasies.”
    — The Guardian, Mar 11 2022
  • “Musgrave uses his tale to provide some affecting commentary on refugee crises and the future of technology.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Feb 18 2022


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