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Alexandra Lapierre

Alexandra Lapierre

Alexandra Lapierre is a bestselling French novelist, short story writer and biographer. She graduated from Sorbonne University and the University of Southern California. Among her works that bring back to life great women and characters neglected by history, is the international bestseller Artemisia (Vintage, 2012). Her books have been published in more than twenty countries.

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Latest reviews

  • “Belle’s story, as told by Lapierre, is compelling and well-crafted.”
    — Historical Novels Society, May 1 2022
  • ★ “In this extensively researched historical novel, we see Belle from the time she’s a young woman born Belle Greener, daughter of the first Black man to graduate from Harvard. An engaging story about a brilliant woman who risks everything.”
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Mar 30 2022


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