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Sacha Naspini

Photo © Alessandra Fucillo

Sacha Naspini

Sacha Naspini was born in 1976 in Grosseto, a town in Southern Tuscany. He has worked as an editor, art director, and screenwriter, and is the author of numerous novels and short stories which have been translated into several languages. Nives is his first novel to appear in English.

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Latest reviews

  • “While the fate of Giacomina has to wait, a lifetime’s worth of hurts, miscues, and regrets are unspooled. Naspini manages this quite well, the escalation, and many of its details, truly surprising.”
    — Complete Review, May 10 2021
  • “The dramatic concision of this story in tandem with its wide scope reminded me of Edith Wharton… Emotions whiplash and the most unexpected of secrets and epiphanies emerge... A delightful and affecting novella.”
    — NPR’s Fresh Air, Apr 22 2021
  • Nives’s ribald declarations inspires readers to tell our stories with humor, passion, and gratitude.”
    — Mari’s Book Reviews, Apr 13 2021
  • “A slim, sharply pointed knife of a novel.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Feb 10 2021


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