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Cécile Coulon

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Cécile Coulon

Cécile Coulon was born in 1990. She is the author of seven novels, including Trois Saisons d’orage, which won the Prix des Libraires, three prize-winning collections of poems, and a collection of short stories.

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Latest reviews

  • “A saga of love and loss, colored with lush prose and a bold, unapologetic voice that seems to have been well-captured by translator Tina Cover.”
    — Literary Bread, Mar 4 2021
  • “Kover’s translation of French author Coulon’s best-selling and prize-winning novel is sharp and engaging. Readers will furiously turn pages to uncover the fate of the cursed Paradise farm.”
    — Booklist, Jan 25 2021
  • “A powerful, riveting exploration of obsession and encroaching modernity. This sensual, bold novel will surprise and delight.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Dec 21 2020
  • “Coulon’s poetic cadence and lyrical prose give the tale the quality of a fable in which uncontrollable desires, nature’s capricious power, and violent anger and deceit erupt into a pitiless landscape [ . . .] A quiet tale of love and vengeance.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 18 2020


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