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Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano, the father, architect. Has built cities all over the world. In this book he tells of an adventurous profession. He loves the sea and shared his passion with his son.

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Latest reviews

  • “An audaciously ambitious, unfailingly beguiling book. It is intimate and deliberately public all at once, vigorously peripatetic and languidly philosophical, a complex offspring of the tradition of ancient travelogues of ignorance and knowledge.”
    — Bookanista, Nov 30 2020
  • “An inspiring meditation on beauty, architecture, and the essence of modern cities.”
    — The Christian Science Monitor, Nov 19 2020
  • Atlantis is a breathtaking travelogue, a memoir of father-and-son bonding, and a tribute to the myth all in one.”
    — Apple Books, Nov 9 2020
  • ★ “An intimate and insightful chronicle of exploration and revelation.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Sep 15 2020


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