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Stefano Benni

Stefano Benni

Stefano Benni is widely considered one of Italy’s foremost novelists. His trademark mix of biting social satire and magical realism has turned each of his books into a national bestseller. His many novels include: Bar Sport, The Company of Celestini, The Cafe Beneath the Sea, and now the remarkably successful Margherita Dolce Vita. Benni is also the author of several volumes of essays and poetry and many collections of short stories. He lives in Bologna, Italy.

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  • Benni again unveils his Italian brand of magical realism for readers of English, this time demonstrating a decidedly more political slant than what featured in his previous novel, Margherita Dolce Vita. While Margherita lamented the intrusions of modern technology on the pastoral...
    — May 5 2008


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