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Sylvain Tesson

Photo © Christophe Raylat

Sylvain Tesson

Sylvain Tesson has traveled the world by bicycle, train, horse, and motorcycle, and on foot. His bestselling accounts of his travels have won numerous prizes, including the Dolman Best Travel Book Award. Berezina is his first book to appear in English.

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Latest reviews

  • “I would recommend the book for the travel episodes and historical chronicles alone. But in the end, Berezina succeeds brilliantly as a sly commentary on – and a challenge to conventional thinking about — today’s contention between Russia and the EU, and the rutted habits...
    — On the Seawall, Dec 3 2019
  • “...writing that is at various times hilarious, introspective, contemplative, professorial, disturbingly graphic, and always engrossing...The journey and the writing are reminiscent of the gonzo style and talent of the late Hunter S. Thompson.”
    — Ultimate Motorcyling, Nov 25 2019
  • “It is endlessly entertaining but also smart and considerate in a way that Tesson is beautifully skilled in. […] a fantastic history and cultural lesson as well as a constantly amusing ride-along.”
    — What’s Nonfiction?, Nov 20 2019
  • “The narration is wry and marked by a cheerful fatalism. Mr. Tesson is a witty and knowledgeable road companion.”
    — The Wall Street Journal, Nov 7 2019
  • "Tesson balances the constant struggles and pitfalls of this two-week motorized trek with excerpts from letters and other archival materials. His insights into today's landscape, scarred by two world wars, are equally compelling.”
    — Booklist, Sep 12 2019
  • “Both the writer and the reader feel like they've really been through something when the journey is done and Tesson concludes, "I suddenly felt like going home, taking a shower, and washing off all those horrors."A brief travelogue that bridges and comingles past and present.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Aug 30 2019


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