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Sandrine Collette

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Sandrine Collette

Sandrine Collette was born in Paris in 1970. She divides her time between Nanterre, where she teaches philosophy and literature, and Burgundy, where she has a horse stud farm. She is the author of numerous novels. Nothing But Dust, winner of the Landerneau Prize for crime fiction, is her English language debut.

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Latest reviews

  • “In tense, tightly controlled, and genuinely devastating prose, Collette explores the existential dilemma of pitting the good of the many against the good of the few with both nuance and great linguistic beauty. In a time when families across the globe are being forced to make...
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 25 2019
  • “Nothing But Dust paints a bitterly beautiful picture of an almost-mythic hero with infectious reverence for the barren majesty of the narrative’s Patagonian terrain.”
    — World Literature Today, Jan 8 2019


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