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Michel Bussi

Michel Bussi

Michel Bussi is a professor of geopolitics and one of France’s bestselling authors of the past decade. His novels have been published in 35 different countries. He is the author of After the Crash (Hachette, 2016, Black Water Lilies (Hachette, 2017), and Time Is a Killer (Europa Editions, 2018).

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Latest reviews

  • “What [readers] won’t see in advance is the nuanced compassion for almost everyone involved in the mind-boggling fraud at the heart of the mystery. Brainy, exciting, and humane.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Aug 1 2021
  • “The crime story keeps moving, producing plenty of nifty puzzles.”
    — The Toronto Star, Oct 19 2018
  • A “twist-filled novel told from several characters’ perspectives.”
    — The Wall Street Journal, Oct 18 2018
  • “In beautiful language, French author Bussi [...] constructs an engrossing, multilayered tale of family, love, and death.”
    — Booklist, Mar 15 2018
  • “Harlan Coben fans will enjoy Bussi’s [...] mystery with its intriguing characters and twisty conclusion [...] The family dynamics [...] are complex and compelling."
    — Library Journal, Mar 1 2018
  • “The dizzying spiral of recall and disconcerting events related to the crash are set off by entries from 15-year-old Clotilde’s diary from 1989, charting a narrative of teenage hormones, marital friction, and island politics..."
    — Publishers Weekly, Feb 12 2018
  • “A well-constructed literary thriller with a strong sense of place and deep understanding of human nature.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jan 23 2018


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