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Anthony Quinn

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Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn is a British film critic and the author of four previous books including The Streets (short-listed for the 2013 Walter Scott Prize) and Curtain Call, a bestseller and pick for the Waterstones Book Club.

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Latest reviews

  • “With this three-dimensional portrait of his headstrong heroine, whose hard-gloss shell conceals a hard-fought vulnerability, Quinn achieves a distinct and unusual creation: a leading lady who is likable because of her unlikability.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Dec 8 2017
  • “Freya, twenty years old and preparing to attend Oxford, is clever, confident, and crude, a forward-thinking feminist unafraid of her journalistic ambition. ...The ... story unfolds as a double bildungsroman set against a background of political and cultural upheavals...”
    — The New Yorker, Dec 4 2017
  • “Quinn’s devotion to his central character and his gift for bringing myriad scenes and situations to life make these pages a pleasure.”
    — The Boston Globe, Dec 1 2017
  • FREYA appears in New York magazine’s November 12 edition of the Approval Matrix.
    — New York magazine, Nov 12 2017
  • “This fall’s great historical epic may be an import.”
    — Vulture, Nov 7 2017
  • “...the fascinating, luminous story of a decades-long friendship between two women, interrogating gender roles and expectations with a masterly human touch.”
    — Entertainment Weekly, Nov 1 2017
  • “Through career struggles and personal falling outs, drug experimentation, and the sexual revolution, the duo grow as women and friends in this clever, cinematic coming-of-age novel.”
    — Harper’s Bazaar, Oct 25 2017
  • “The fantastic fourth novel [...] from [...] Quinn is a testament to women who fought for what they wanted in a time of little personal and professional autonomy [...] Clever dialogue [...] wonderfully captures the personalities, strengths, and weaknesses of [...] characters.”
    — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review), Sep 25 2017
  • “With its busy plot, its drinking and smoking, its crisp wit and contemporary soundtrack (Peggy Lee, “Winter Weather,” etc.), Quinn’s novel delivers evocative, high-quality entertainment that may well leave readers hoping for a sequel.”
    — Kirkus (Starred Review), Aug 21 2017


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