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Laura Harrington

Laura Harrington

Laura Harrington has written dozens of plays, musicals, and operas, which have been produced in venues ranging from Off-Broadway to the Houston Grand Opera. Harrington has twice won both the Massachusetts Cultural Council Award in playwriting and the Clauder Competition for best new play in New England. Laura teaches playwriting at MIT where she was awarded the 2009 Levitan Prize. Alice Bliss, her first novel, won the 2012 Massachusetts Book Award in Fiction.

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Latest reviews

  • “An award-winning playwright, Harrington captures her characters with quick strokes and sharp dialogue, creating a complex and richly told tale.”
    — The Washington Post, Jul 18 2017
  • “Stunning natural descriptions provide a rich backdrop for Harrington’s beautifully articulated coming-of-age story, which captures the pain of loved ones grappling with the after effects of war.”
    — Booklist (Starred Review), Jul 1 2017
  • “In language that is both lyrical and horrifying, A Catalog of Birds questions what it means to be an American, and offers what can be salvaged, or hoped, for a future.”
    — Consequence Magazine, Jun 26 2017
  • “[Harrington's] prose sings, sweeping through heavy topics with a quiet sense of resilience and buoyant hope.”
    — Publishers Weekly, May 8 2017
  • “A sensitive rendering of shattered lives.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Apr 17 2017
  • The Week has included A CATALOG OF BIRDS on their list of “28 Books to Read in 2017.”
    — The Week, Feb 24 2017

United States

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