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Hiromi Kawakami

Hiromi Kawakami

Bestselling author Hiromi Kawakami has won acclaim for her essays, stories, and novels. Her short fiction has appeared in English in The Paris Review and Granta. Her novel Strange Weather in Tokyo was shortlisted for the 2013 Man Asian Literary Prize and the 2014 International Foreign Fiction Prize. She lives in Japan.

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Whether you’re traveling to exotic locales this summer or in the mood for some deck-chair travel, you can find the perfect novel with which to while away the long summer days below.

Latest reviews

  • “The novel presents a fine-grained portrayal of its characters’ lives [...] [T]he pleasures of THE NAKANO THRIFT SHOP [...] revolve [...] around the granular details of the everyday.”
    — The Los Angeles Review of Books, Nov 27 2017
  • “A gentle, humorous novel...Kawakami transforms the relationship [between the book’s protagonists] from childlike curiosity and sexual desire to deeper forms of love and appreciation.”
    — The Wall Street Journal, Jun 16 2017
  • Recommended for the armchair traveler as one of “seven new novels that will take you around the globe.”
    — TIME, Jun 16 2017
  • “Hiromi Kawakami’s charming novel illuminates moments of kindness, love and friendship that pop up like unexpected treasures”
    — The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jun 6 2017
  • “Kawakami is interested in the experience of working an incidental job, and that allows each moment to stand on its own.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Apr 24 2017
  • “In this quirky and episodic novel, a young woman yearns for love in a thrift store full of oddities and odd characters.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Mar 21 2017
  • “A charming, meandering novel that avoids easy satisfactions, The Nakano Thrift Shop is an agreeably wistful read.”
    — The Complete Review, Mar 7 2017

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