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Jérôme Ferrari

Jérôme Ferrari

Born in Paris in 1968, Jérôme Ferrari is an author and translator who has taught in Algeria, Corsica, and Abu Dhabi. His 2012 novel, The Sermon on the Fall of Rome (MacLehose, 2016), won the Goncourt Prize. He is also the author of Where I Left My Soul (MacLehose, 2012), and The Principle (Europa, 2017).

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Latest reviews

  • "Joycean sentences, some of epic length, propel readers through the consciences and consciousnesses of agonized characters dealing with grief, regret, and love—or, in short: through life.  Moral questions take on human form in Ferrari’s stunning narrative."
    — Kirkus Reviews, Oct 27 2021
  • "Ferrari beautifully portrays the destabilizing way new theories disrupt and disorient what's come before."
    — Public Books, Apr 19 2017
  • "I was impressed by the beauty and depth of this short, dense book on the ultimate human choice."
    — European Literature Network, Feb 15 2017
  • “Prix Goncourt-winning novelist Ferrari continues his program of interrogating history to expose brittle truths about our nature...An elegant, cheerless meditation on how even the brightest people can find it in themselves to accommodate evil on the way to annihilation.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 24 2016


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