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Julie Lekstrom Himes

Julie Lekstrom Himes

Julie Lekstrom Himes' short fiction has been published in Shenandoah, The Florida Review (Editor's Choice Award 2008), Fourteen Hills (nominated for Best American Mysteries 2011), and elsewhere. Mikhail and Margarita is her debut novel. She lives with her family in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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Join Julie Lekstrom Himes as she tours the East Coast to celebrate the release of her debut novel MIKHAIL AND MARGARITA.
Whether you’re traveling to exotic locales this summer or in the mood for some deck-chair travel, you can find the perfect novel with which to while away the long summer days below.

Latest reviews

  • “Himes creates extraordinary atmospherics, immersing her readers in Soviet Russia... [She] renders years of research into a gripping narrative about art, politics, and above all, love.”
    — National Public Radio, Dec 6 2017
  • “This richly imagined retelling of [Bulgakov's] lean years . . . mixes fact and fiction to create a narrative that is both foreign and familiar.” —The New Yorker
    — The New Yorker, May 15 2017
  • " incredibly important read in an era of uncertainty and populism across the globe..."
    — Newsweek, Mar 13 2017
  • “This book is a timely gem.”
    — Literary Hub, Mar 6 2017
  • “A book about authoritarian crackdown on speech and satire that is sadly timely.”
    — Flavorwire, Feb 28 2017
  • “The book is brilliant – it speaks of passionate love, more passionate ideals, and the regime that will not allow any of this.”
    — The Hungry Reader, Feb 20 2017
  • “Himes’s confident, carefully crafted debut novel...adeptly details brutality and betrayal as well as creativity and the uncertainties of censorship...”
    — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review), Jan 30 2017
  • “Drawing inspiration from Bulgakov's novel, The Master and Margarita, unpublished in his lifetime, Himes pens a whirlwind tale of romance and intrigue that approximates, if not exceeds, the talents of one of Russia's most heralded authors.”
    — Library Journal, Jan 27 2017

United States

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