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Tim Baker

Tim Baker

Born in Sydney, Tim Baker moved to Italy in his early 20s and lived in Spain before moving to Paris as director of consular operations at the Australian embassy in France. His short fiction has appeared in books published by Random House and William Collins, his nonfiction in books published by Penguin, and in publications such as Time Out, and Facts on File. He currently lives with his wife and son in the south of France.

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Latest reviews

  • "Baker enhances his daring plot with vivid prose...Fever City delights in sex, hypocrisy and political conspiracy, but finally it’s about a tragedy that reverberates down through the years."
    — Washington Post, Dec 11 2016
  • "This book was hard to put down, and kept me turning the pages. Highly recommended for noir lovers."
    — Pulp Den, May 5 2016
  • "James Ellroy fans will appreciate Australian-born Baker’s ambitious debut with its nervous, jittery style, large cast of characters, and cynical, nihilistic attitude."
    — Publishers Weekly, Feb 17 2016


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