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Emma Jane Unsworth

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Emma Jane Unsworth

Emma Jane Unsworth’s first novel Hungry, the Stars and Everything (Hidden Gem) won a Betty Trask Award from the Society of Authors and was shortlisted for the Portico Prize 2012. Her short story “I Arrive First” was included in The Best British Short Stories 2012 (Salt). She lives in London.

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Latest reviews

  • ANIMALS was included in a list of “15 Great Books on Female Friendship” in Signature Reads.
    — Signature Reads, Feb 10 2017
  • There is more joy and self awareness in the story of Laura and Tyler’s friendship and bildungsroman than I have read in some time.
    — Book Riot, Dec 14 2015
  • Female friendship novels are hot right now, but this takes that conceit and turns it on its head, quite tipsily. The characters are the contemporary female equivalent of Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson’s pill-popping, hard-drink, questing bros, but without even the pretense of the quest.
    — Flavorwire, Dec 7 2015
  • Unsworth follows up her Betty Trask Award–winning debut, Hungry, the Stars and Everything, with a tale of female friendship. Wannabe novelist Laura focuses most of her energies on best friend Tyler, a let’s-party-until-we-drop sort with whom she consumes prodigious...
    — Library Journal, Oct 29 2015
  • “You know how it is. Saturday afternoon. You wake up and you can’t move.” So begins Animals, a critically acclaimed British novel that reached the U.S. this month.
    — New York Magazine - The Cut, Oct 20 2015
  • For a moment in Emma Jane Unsworth’s new book, “Animals,” it appears we’ve unwittingly blundered into some sort of millennial version of “Bright Lights, Big City.” Here is the narrator, using the second person in the first sentence, addressing us as co-conspirators...
    — Sep 27 2015
  • At first glance, Unsworth’s second novel seems to revisit a familiar love triangle: Laura Joyce, a Manchester woman in her early 30s, must choose between her hard-partying, recklessly charming best female friend, Tyler, and her responsible fiancé, Jim. The polarities that...
    — Sep 18 2015
  • n Unsworth’s (Hungry, the Stars and Everything, 2012) second novel, two women confront the end of their carefree, party-going 20s. Laura Joyce and Tyler Johnson have been inseparable since their early 20s. Within their apartment, they’ve cultivated the kind of female...
    — Jul 15 2015
  • Ailment: Torn between friendship and love Cure: Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth An intense friendship can be as powerful – and compelling – as a romantic love. When played out simultaneously, we tend to assume that the sexual partner will win out – particularly...
    — Jul 11 2015
  • — Jun 19 2015


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