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Rebecca Hunt

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Rebecca Hunt

Rebecca Hunt is an artist and author living in east London. Her first novel, Mr. Chartwell, was longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. In October 2011, Rebecca was selected as one of 18 artists and writers to join the Arctic Circle residency, an annual expeditionary program aboard a traditional ice-class sailing vessel that voyages to the High Arctic.

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Latest reviews

  • It is 1913, and a British expedition to Antarctica runs into disaster. Three members of the crew — Napps, a natural if overbearing leader; Millet-Bass, a physically imposing veteran of sea and ice; and Dinners, a young man inexperienced in everything to do with exploration...
    — New York Times Book Review, Nov 13 2015
  • Author and visual artist Rebecca Hunt was so dedicated to capturing the sweeping, terrifying landscape of the Antarctic correctly in her second novel, “Everland” (Europa), she took part in an expeditionary program aboard a traditional sailing vessel to the High Arctic.
    — Cedar Rapids Gazette, Oct 18 2015
  • In 1913, three explorers are dispatched to chart the Antarctic island of Everland, with disastrous results; in 2013, a trio of researchers attempts to repeat the expedition.
    — New Yorker, Oct 12 2015
  • Pushed to their physical and psychological limits, the three members of a grueling expedition to an Antarctic island, following in the footsteps of a similar but failed venture a century earlier, experience disturbing echoes of the mysterious, fated past.
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jul 15 2015


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