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Roberto Tiraboschi

Photo © Mario Orfini

Roberto Tiraboschi

Roberto Tiraboschi was born in Bergamo, Italy. He is known as one of Italy’s most stylish screenwriters and playwrights, having worked with Nobel laureate Dario Fo and written screenplays for a number of Italian directors, including Marco Pontecorvo, Silvio Soldini, and Liliana Cavani among others. His novels have enjoyed success with both critics and readers. The Eye Stone (Europa, 2015) was his English debut.

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Latest reviews

  • Europa Editions brings us an English-language translation of Roberto Tiraboschi’s La pietra per gli occhi, a “medieval noir” by screenwriter and playwright Roberto Tiraboschi, and it’s a book that takes a calculated gamble, since it’s a historical novel set mostly in...
    — May 28 2015
  • The Eye Stone might be a fairly standard noir were it not for its setting: 12th-century Venice. Roberto Tiraboschi, an Italian screenwriter, playwright and novelist, has incorporated many traditional elements from the genre into his first novel published in English. It features...
    — May 19 2015
  • "In the twelfth century AD, Venice is little more than an agglomeration of small islands snatched from the muddy tides. The magnificent city-lagoon of Venice, the rich and powerful Serene Republic, is yet to be born. Here, in this northern backwater, a group of artisans have...
    — May 14 2015
  • Venice in the twelfth century was not Venice as we think of it today. A loosely-connected assortment of islands and reclaimed ground with no cohesion as a single city. There was a Doge, to be sure, but no real municipal government, police force or communications systems. Well,...
    — Apr 28 2015
  • Venetia (Historical Mystery) “A Novel of Venice” By Roberto Tiraboschi Europa Editions 288 Pages $17.00 Rating 5-stars Edgardo, a young cleric, deformed at birth, and now going blind seeks a miracle. A miracle to restore his eyesight in order to copy great...
    — Mar 2 2015


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