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Margaret Forster

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Margaret Forster

Margaret Forster was born in 1938 and studied history at Somerville College, Oxford. She is the author of many successful and acclaimed novels, including Georgy Girl (made into a popular movie and Broadway musical), Lady's Maid, and Diary of an Ordinary Woman, as well as two bestselling memoirs (Hidden Lives and Precious Lives) and biographies, including the award-winning Daphne du Maurier: The Secret Life of the Renowned Storyteller. She is married to the writer and journalist Hunter Davies.

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  • There may be no bigger mystery to a child than her own family — those adults who pretend not to notice even the most glaring issues, who make peculiar requests and then refuse to explain a thing. For Julia, the central character in Margaret Forster’s psychological puzzle-box...
    — Sep 19 2014


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