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Joanna Gruda

Joanna Gruda

Born in Poland, Joanna Gruda arrived in Trois-Rivières, Canada, by boat at the age of two. She acted in the theater and worked as a comedian for many years, and she is a translator and an editor. Revolution Baby is her debut novel.

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  • Julek is literally a child of the Revolution. After the Polish Communist Party decides in 1929 that Comrade Helena Rappaport may indeed carry her baby to term, but not raise him, Julek begins his journey from family to family, relatives to strangers, boarding school to summer...
    — Aug 17 2014
  • Revolution Baby by Joanna Gruda (TRs by Alison Anderson) Europa Editions £9.99 At the centre of Joanna Gruda’s novel is Julek, a young Polish boy who grows up in a family of left-wing activists in 1930s Europe. His very existence, he...
    — Jun 1 2014
  • Book Club Corner: May Recommendations Gruda makes her English language debut in this sharp, funny look at life in Poland during WWII through the eyes of a child. The weighty life of war is interpreted through young Jurek’s sense of wonder. Fans of Gary Shteyngart...
    — May 27 2014
  • Gruda is a Polish-born French author with a wicked sense of humor, and the uncanny ability to get inside the brain of a precocious young boy. Young Julek is born in Poland to staunchly Communist parents. As Russia cracks down on Polish communists, Julek's mother (who he thought...
    — May 21 2014
  • This is author Joanna Gruda’s debut novel and it is one hell of a debut - a truly heartfelt story based on the life of her father. Originally released in French under the title L’enfant qui sauvait parler la langue des chiens (roughly “The Child Who Speaks The Language...
    — May 21 2014


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