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Alberto Mussa

Alberto Mussa

Alberto Mussa was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1961. His father’s family originated from Lebanon and Palestine, and he explores Arab-Brazilian identity in his works. In addition to translating poetry and short stories, Mussa has written several novels about the history of Rio de Janeiro. He has won numerous awards, including the Premio Biblioteca Nacional for Queen Jinga’s Throne (1999) and the Casa de las Américas and APCA prizes for The Qaf’s Riddle (2004).


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Latest reviews

  • In Rio de Janeiro 1913, the secretary to the president of the Republic of Brazil is found strangled, tied to a bedpost in a secret brothel known as the House of Exchanges (formerly known as the home of the Marquesa de Santos). The brothel, however, is no ordinary building;...
    — Apr 2 2014
  • "What defines a city is the history of its crimes," Alberto Mussa writes in The Mystery of Rio, and for every city there is a defining crime that could happen only there. On a Friday the 13th in 1913, the personal secretary to the president of the Brazilian republic is...
    — Sep 3 2013


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