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Alicia Giménez-Bartlett

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Alicia Giménez-Bartlett

Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett was born in Almansa, Spain, in 1951 and has lived in Barcelona since 1975. After the enormous success of her first novels, she decided to leave her work as a teacher of Spanish literature to dedicate herself full-time to writing. In 1997, she was awarded the Feminino Lumen prize for the best female writer in Spain.

She subsequently launched her Petra Delicado series, quickly making her into one of Spain’s most popular and loved crime writers.

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Latest reviews

  • “This provocative dive into gender, power, and class uses diverse viewpoints to craft a powerful story and an unpredictable, memorable ending.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Sep 26 2018
  • Petra Delicado, the Barcelona police detective in Alicia Giménez-Bartlett’s DEATH RITES is so burdened with men and their issues that she’d be lucky to catch a pickpocket, never mind the serial rapist who has been branding his victims to further degrade them. To begin with,...
    — Sep 9 2008
  • from Mostly Fiction “She mixes with thugs and whores as if it was nothing.  What to tell you about the way she tackles rapists and brutes during questioning?...From my point of view, she sometimes overdoes it.  The other day she stripped a poor pickpocket naked,...
    — Jul 1 2008
  • "There's one thing I've never learnt to do.  I've never learnt how to put laces in a pair of new shoes…I always used to have someone to do it for me: my father, my husbands.  I never wanted to learn; it must have been something to do with allowing myself to be loved, to let...
    — Jul 26 2007
  • Inspector Petra Delicado (Dog Day, 2006) investigates the case of a TV gossipmonger whose ratings were equaled only by the number of suspects with a motive for his murder. Someone must really have wanted Ernesto Valdes dead, since his throat was slit after he was shot decisively...
    — May 18 2007
  • At the start of Giménez-Bartlett’s gripping second police procedural to star Barcelona inspector Petra Delicado (after Dog Day), Delicado and her perennial sidekick, Sgt. Fermin Garzón, are thrown into a high-profile case—the murder inquiry into a much reviled gossip columnist,...
    — May 4 2007
  • Reviews from MADDY VAN HERTBRUGGEN DOG DAY ALICIA GIMENEZ-BARTLETT Translated from the Spanish by Nicholas Caistor Europa Editions  Trade PBO 6/06 ISBN: 1933372141 Here in the United States, there's been a welcome new trend...
    — Oct 24 2006
  • Is there anything quite as satisfying to the mystery lover as discovering a pair of made-for-each-other police partners in a new book? Think about upper-crust Inspector Thomas Lynley partnered with lower-class misfit Barbara Havers. Or the hyper-intelligent Inspector Morse hard...
    — Sep 5 2006
  • A Dead Man's Best Friend Canines also figure in Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett's superlative police procedural, Dog Day. Barcelona police Inspector Petra Delicado and paunchy, fiftysomething Sgt. Fermin Garzon prove to be one of the more engaging sleuth teams to debut in a long...
    — Jun 25 2006
  • Alicia Giménez-Bartlett won the Feminino Lumen prize as best female writer in Spain, and "Dog Day," the first book in her ongoing series about Barcelona Police Inspector Petra Delicado and her partner, Sgt. Fermin Garzon, shows why. Delicado is tough, funny and sexy; Garzon...
    — Jun 13 2006
  • The fatal beating of a loner takes a pair of cops deep into the underside of Barcelona, which seems to be populated entirely by the worst kind of dog people. The victim is discovered with his money intact but his identification carefully removed. It's not until neighbors...
    — May 15 2006
  • American readers will welcome Giménez-Bartlett's detective duo of Insp. Petra Delicado and Sgt. Fermín Garzón in this sharply honed tale of dog trafficking in Barcelona. Delicado and Garzón investigate the near-fatal beating of a derelict whose sole possession seems to be...
    — Apr 19 2006


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