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Zane Lovitt

Zane Lovitt

Zane Lovitt's stories have appeared in Scribe's New Australian Stories 2 and in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. The Midnight Promise is his first book. He lives in Melbourne.

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  • John Dorn is a lonely private detective who lives in Melbourne. He certainly is a heir to Marlowe and his contemporaries: Dorn lives in his own office, drinks heavy, suffers from being lonely, takes not promising money cases. But Dorn at the same time is our contemporary,...
    — Aug 2 2013
  • Although he calls himself a “private inquiry agent,” John Dorn is a shamus in the classic mold. He’s lovelorn, taciturn, drinks too much, and lives in his shabby Melbourne office. Beautiful, dangerous dames don’t arrive at his office; he subsists, barely, on jobs...
    — Jun 5 2013
  • Melbourne PI John Dorn declares, in the prologue of Australian author Lovitt’s powerful hard-boiled debut, “You don’t make promises to do what I do.” He goes on to do just that over the course of 10 chapters, each involving a separate case. The cases get progressively...
    — May 6 2013
  • Private detective John Dorn lives in his office in Melbourne, Australia since his wife left him, and is kept working when his friend Demetri brings cases to him. Calling himself a private enquiry agent, he does whatever jobs come his way, which are mostly infidelity investigations...
    — May 1 2013
  • On page 2 of this book I kind of got the feeling that we'd be destined to get on very well.... "He's got more prior convictions than brain cells which means he won't get bail, so he's wallowing in the Metropolitan Remand Centre at Ravenhall, trying to find a lawyer...
    — Apr 30 2013


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