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Andrew Miller

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Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is one of Britain’s leading novelists. He has won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Whitbread Novel Award. His bestselling novel Pure, a Costa Book Award winner, has received widespread acclaim and was a best-seller for Europa in 2012. The Slowworm’s Song is his ninth novel.

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Latest reviews

  • “Miller’s novel subtly and morosely explores the crisis of Englishness that ties together events of the 20th century with those of the 21st...not only nuanced and affecting but historiographical. It reads truer than memoir.”
    — The New York Times Book Review, Oct 11 2022
  • The narrator of this novel is a British former soldier and recovering alcoholic, who becomes unhinged after a letter summons him to Belfast to give evidence to a commission investigating a tragic incident that occurred in 1982, during the Troubles.”
    — The New Yorker, Oct 10 2022
  • “Expertly taut as a thriller...Mr. Miller, with his acute eye for detail and his practiced sense of timing, describes these Belfast streets and this soldier’s experience so plainly and yet so evocatively that both become new again.”
    — Wall Street Journal, Oct 7 2022
  • “This is a moving, beautifully written portrait of a legacy of shame, loss, and regret.”
    — Booklist (Starred Review), Sep 12 2022
  • The Slowworm’s Song follows a father’s attempts to reconcile with his daughter—and his attempts to understand his own past.”

    — Foreword Reviews (Starred Review), Sep 1 2022
  • “An intelligent approach to human frailty and redemption.”
    — Reading the West, Aug 24 2022
  • ★ “The novel’s evocation of that time and place is cinematically clear, and the narrative revolves around that single dread-filled moment.”
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Jul 8 2022
  • “The writing is near perfect. But the novel’s excellence goes far beyond this. There’s a depth and a sweetness, a gravity... A restrained, beautifully written apologia for our common frailty.”
    — The Guardian, Feb 12 2022
  • “Miller keeps readers engaged...This is escapism at a compelling level.”
    — The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jul 13 2020
  • “Miller acutely imagines the war-scarred psychology of his characters...and uses the historical setting to great advantage.” Read the full article in the New Yorker
    — The New Yorker, Nov 11 2019
  • “This book is expertly researched and captures the venues and feelings of the period exceptionally well.” Read the full review in the Historical Novel Society
    — Historical Novel Society, Nov 4 2019
  • “Mr. Miller strikes an impressive balance between adventure and atmosphere. As in a good thriller, madness bubbles beneath the surface of the scenes...But while the threat of violence keeps the story’s wheels in motion, its greatest pleasures owe to its unhurried, ambulatory...
    — The Wall Street Journal, Oct 18 2019
  • “[Andrew Miller] is a very stylish, almost painterly writer, and he has her gift for historical reconstruction, for describing the past without making it seem like a wax museum.”
    — New York Times Book Review, Sep 10 2019
  • “Miller is in fine form here, mixing an unforgettable cat-and-mouse chase with a moving love story.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jun 17 2019
  • "Set in England, this family drama opens out into an adventure story with existential overtones."
    — The New Yorker, May 15 2017
  • Starred review. "Highly recommended".
    — Library Journal, Feb 15 2017
  • “The beauty of this subtle novel is that it derives enormous power from small details, such as the discovery of a heart-shaped hair clip, and Maud's encounters with children on a distant island.”
    — Shelf Awareness, Jan 27 2017
  • “What literature can offer in place of false knowledge, “The Crossing” suggests, are signs and wonders — an openness that’s both inspiration and challenge.”
    — New York Times Book Review, Jan 25 2017
  • "Mysterious and meditative, this novel notably displays one woman’s resilience."
    — Booklist, Nov 15 2016
  • "In pristine, elegant prose, Miller creates an indelible portrait of a mysterious woman and her tragic quest."
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Oct 5 2016


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