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Santiago Gamboa

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Santiago Gamboa

Novelist, short story writer, and journalist, Santiago Gamboa was born in Colombia in 1965. His American debut, published by Europa in 2012, was the novel Necropolis, winner of the Otra Orilla Literary Prize. He is also the author of Night Prayers (Europa, 2016) and Return to the Dark Valley (Europa 2018).    

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Latest reviews

  • “A page turner that is fiercely contemporary and wickedly funny in its analysis of the forces tearing at the seams of the world.”
    — Miami Rail, Nov 28 2017
  • “Enormously entertaining and thought provoking in equal measures, Gamboa’s novels are the kind of books that converts to his writing can’t help but recommend to others with an almost proselytising zeal.”
    — The Quietus, Oct 2 2017
  • “Gamboa [...] pulls off a master class in writing akin to that of the most celebrated Latin American writers of our time.”
    — Los Angeles Review of Books, Sep 28 2017
  • "Noir-inflected [and] sprawling...Return to the Dark Valley is packed with vibrant characters and gripping stories."
    — Huffington Post, Sep 1 2017
  • “An unsettling and brilliant document of contemporary life; highly recommended.”
    — Library Journal (Starred Review), Sep 1 2017
  • “If you want to better understand the 21st century, you'd better be reading Gamboa.”
    — Andy Greenwald, screenwriter and host of The Watch, Jul 5 2017
  • “A complex, challenging story that speaks to the terror and dislocation of the age.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jul 4 2017
  • “Bold, propulsive and generous, Gamboa's name should be mentioned alongside the most exciting Latin American writers ever published in English.”
    — Mark Haber, Brazos Bookstore, Jun 30 2017
  • “I am in love with Night Prayers by Santiago Gamboa. I think Gamboa is one of the greatest writers of our time [...]The writing is exceptional, and the plot will leave you guessing till the very end."—Patricia Engel, author of The Veins of the Ocean
    — Miami Herald, Apr 29 2016
  • "Brilliantly translated, NIGHT PRAYERS is an incredible reading experience with a pounding heart and wisdom to boot."
    — Brazos Bookstore, Mar 15 2016
  • "Recognized as one of the most exciting young novelists in Latin America, Santiago Gamboa of Colombia has written a novel which defies easy labeling."
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Mar 7 2016
  • "Gamboa's storytelling impresses... Night Prayers is consistently enjoyable, a good, well-paced read, chapter by chapter and place to place..."
    — The Complete Review, Mar 3 2016
  • NECROPOLIS is a strange and wonderful novel. Colombian author Santiago Gamboa sets the stage as he has an author, who is not named, invited to the International Congress of Biography and Memory. Gamboa puts into motion the cast of characters in a hotel in Jerusalem, just...
    — Dec 13 2012
  • Lured by both the book’s title and an image of a hotel hallway, luxurious and empty, I entered the graveyard frame story of Santiago Gamboa’s newest novel, Necropolis. The Colombian author composes a polyphonic narrative from an unnamed author invited to the International...
    — Dec 11 2012
  • Memory, meaning and mortality This ambitious literary work centers around a mysterious death at a conference in Jerusalem, but frequently embarks on side trips that reveal the lives of a porn star and a cult founder, among other lecturers at the event. With “Necropolis,”...
    — Nov 9 2012
  • In this novel the Colombian writer Santiago Gamboa takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride, criss-crossing from the Americas to Italy to Israel and pulling the reader along at such a pace that there is hardly time to draw breath. In the company of a lesser writer the reader...
    — Sep 1 2012
  • “These fateful years that it has befallen us to live through would be more suitable for seclusion and solitude, [but] the intellect must continue its work in the midst of the most horrifying circumstances, it’s always been that way, and today more than ever, when...
    — Jul 14 2012
  • The International Conference on Biography and Memory is being held in Jerusalem, and our nameless hero, "a working writer," is honored to be invited after a hiatus from writing due to illness. When he arrives, he is shocked to find the city torn apart by war: "Facing us was...
    — Jul 10 2012
  • Santiago Gamboa's Necropolis is a hefty, Decameron-like opus, a story-within-story-within-story set in war-torn Jerusalem, told by an unnamed 40ish narrator who, like Gamboa, is a Colombian novelist living in Rome. Receiving a letter inviting him to the International Conference...
    — Jun 15 2012


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