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Lorenzo Mediano

Lorenzo Mediano

Lorenzo Mediano is a doctor, environmental writer, and the author of four novels. He was born in Saragossa, Spain, in 1959. His great passion is for the mountains he calls home, the Pyrenees.

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Latest reviews

  • A tiny out-of-the-way village nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains harbors a secret that weighs heavily on its residents when their traditionally rigid social boundaries are threatened by transgression. The truth, both tragic and inspiring, is brought to light by the town's aging...
    — May 15 2013
  • The 1930s in the Spanish Pyrenees, very close to the French border. I found it easy to believe an isolated contemporary valley could tell the same tale – except no televisions or phones tangle up the plot. The news comes on paper, read aloud at night in the lone local...
    — Feb 1 2013
  • Lorenzo Mediano's svelte novel, "The Frost on His Shoulders" (Europa Editions, 137 pages, $15), fuses a traditional rural folk tale with the kind of political allegory popular around the time of the Spanish Civil War. In the 1930s in Biesco de Obago, a rocky cattle village...
    — Aug 29 2012
  • Lorenzo Mediano's The Frost on His Shoulders is a tight little masterpiece, told by an unnamed rural schoolteacher who begins by assuring us that the half column of print buried deep in the newspaper was wrong about the tragedy that happened in November 1934, in a very...
    — Jun 14 2012


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