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Daniel Arsand

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Daniel Arsand

Daniel Arsand was born in Avignon in 1950 and currently works as an editor with Éditions Phébus in Paris. He is the author of several novels, including The Land of Darkness, winner of the Prix Femina for First Fiction, and In Silence, winner of the Jean Giono Second Novel Grand Prix.  

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Lovers is the English language debut of French author Daniel Arsand. It tells the story of the love affair between Sébastien Faure, the fifteen-year-old son of a peasant family, and Balthazar...
"A transporting French novel perfectly suited to the summer blues." -Jameson Fitzpatrick, Next Magazine Summer is not my favorite season. As much as I love a revealing tank top and a short...

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  • LOVERS is a short novel set in prerevolutionary France (1749) that illuminates a relationship between Balthazar de Créon, a nobleman, and a 15-year-old shepherd boy, Sébastien. The two first meet when Sébastien saves Balthazar’s life after he is thrown from a horse.
    — Feb 1 2013
  • Lovers by Daniel Arsand is a poetic tale unlike anything you’ll have read before.Consisting of one hundred short chapters (some only a few sentences long), and written in the present tense with hardly any reported speech, it comes across, at least in this translation by Howard...
    — Oct 26 2012
  • Summer is not my favorite season. As much as I love a revealing tank top and a short short (and boy, do I), the heat always unsettles me—bringing on a very particular melancholy each year as the days stretch interminably on. Logic (and the better part of my life spent...
    — Sep 11 2012
  • Lovers, Daniel Arsand’s newly-translated novella, is a fever dream of romance. Set in the decades before the French Revolution, this story of two boys in love is emotional but not psychological—we know what the characters feel, but not why they feel it. They are blurred...
    — May 18 2012


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