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Region: Germany (8 Listed volumes)

  • Angelika Schrobsdorff

    You Are Not Like Other Mothers

    2012, pp. 544, $ 18.00
    Region: Germany
    A sweeping epic that spans the first half of the twentieth century, a novel praised as a German Gone with the Wind, You Are Not Like Other Mothers will delight and surprise readers from the first page to the last.
  • Helmut Dubiel

    Deep In the Brain

    2009, pp. 160, $ 15.00
    Region: Germany
    “Disturbing and at the same time fascinating. But above all magnificently written.”—Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
  • Helmut Krausser


    2008, pp. 352, $ 16.95
    Region: Germany
    “Compelling, historical, poetical, sensitive, erotic—this wonderful novel is all this and much more.”—Express
  • Katharina Hacker

    The Have-Nots

    2008, pp. 352, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    Winner of the 2006 German Book Prize for best novel.
  • Christa Wolf

    One Day A Year

    2007, pp. 650, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    One day a year, from 1960 to 2000, Wolf records her most intimate thoughts and experiences.
  • Wolf Erlbruch

    The Miracle of the Bears

    2006, pp. 64, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    A touching children’s tale about the beginnings of life.
  • Wolf Erlbruch, Gioconda Belli

    The Butterfly Workshop

    2006, pp. 40, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    They can banish Odair to the insect laboratory, but they can't stop him dreaming up the most fabulous inventions...
  • Wolf Erlbruch

    The Big Question

    2005, pp. 52, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    Winner of the 2004 Bologna Book Fair Ragazzi Award.
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