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Aura Xilonen

The Gringo Champion

“Aura Xilonen surprises readers from the start to the finish of Gringo Champion with her talent, creativity, and fine sensibilities.”—El Sur (Mexico)

Elena Ferrante

The Beach at Night

"Mara Cerri’s illustrations are weird and wonderful in this peculiar tale of loss and rediscovery..."—The Times of London

Prize Winning Fiction

The Natural Way of Things, The Golden Age, The Gringo Champion

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World Noir

  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Darkness for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone

    2016, pp. 336, $ 17.00
    A kidnapped child and the burglary of a high-class apartment: two crimes that seem to have no connection at all until Inspector Lojacono, known as...
  • Massimo Carlotto

    For All the Gold in the World

    2016, pp. 192, $ 15.00
    In Northeast Italy, Marco Buratti, alias "the Aligator," is investigating a botched robbery that ended in a brutal murder. His client is just twelve...
  • Robert Wilson

    Stealing People

    2016, pp. 384, $ 19.00
    In the latest entry in Robert Wilson’s acclaimed Charlie Boxer series, a convincing web of international intrigue unravels in a world where heroism...
  • Tim Baker

    Fever City

    2016, pp. 400, $ 18.00
    1960s Los Angeles: a detective searches for the kidnapped child of one of America's richest men, while a notorious hit man's story unfolds in the...


Recent reviews

  • The Natural Way of Things was named a #BrazosBest of 2016 Brazos Bookstore!
    — Brazos Bookstore, Jan 20 2017
  • "So rooted, indeed, is Parisa Reza’s writing in the fertile soil of Iran that The Gardens of Consolation seems to contain an entire nation."
    — Barnes and Noble Review, Jan 17 2017
  • "Matching exceptionally fine prose with pinpoint sensitivity, British novelist Moss (Bodies of Light, 2014, etc.) delivers a thoughtful account of one intelligent, sometimes-fragile woman's response to a dark, dynamic era."
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jan 15 2017
  • "The novel is at its best when it evokes the family’s comfort, despite the upheavals, in sensual, timeless pleasures: vats hot with rose petals and lamb, 'the smell of jasmine and damp soil.'"
    — The New Yorker, Jan 9 2017
  • "The Gardens of Consolation heralds the arrival of yet another prodigiously talented French-Iranian author, Parisa Reza, whose outstanding debut novel, like the works of Marjane Satrapi and Fariba Hachtroudi, voices a side of Iran rarely glimpsed in Western media."
    — Shelf Awareness, Jan 6 2017
  • "Reza's writing, aided by Adriana Hunter's talented translation from the French, is lyrical, the text almost reads like a fable. At once simple and vivid, the author brings Iranian history, attitudes and politics to life in an engrossing, entertaining and informative way.”
    — BookBrowse, Jan 5 2017
  • "From the very first page of this fantastic, even spectacular debut, Xilonen flings the reader into the maelstrom of her protagonist’s relentless stream of consciousness."
    — Booklist (Starred Review), Jan 5 2017
  • "This is a satisfying, grimy adventure about a reciprocal violence that pollutes."
    — Publishers Weekly, Jan 2 2017