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Amazing Disgrace
James Hamilton-Paterson
Europa Editions ISBN: 1-933372-19-2
Pub. date: December 31 2006
320 pages
Size: 5.25 x 8.25
Price: $14.95

"The fun is in Hamilton-Paterson's offhand observations and delicate touch in handling his two unreliable misfits as they find each other--and there's lots of it."—Publishers Weekly

Set both in Tuscany and in the trendy haunts of London, this is the hilarious sequel to Cooking with Fernet Branca. The inimitable Gerald Samper is back, with his musings on the absurdities of modern life and his entertaining asides during which he comments on everything from publishing to penile implants, celebrity sportswomen to Australian media moguls. Plus his marvelously eccentric recipes. A smart literary romp featuring a cavalcade of misadventures and memorable characters.

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