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These Dreams of You
Steve Erickson
Europa Editions ISBN: 978-1-60945-063-2
Pub. date: February 2012
320 pages
Size: 5.25 x 8.25
Price: $15.00

One November night in a canyon outside L.A., Zan Nordhoc—a failed novelist turned pirate-radio DJ—sits before the television with his small, adopted black daughter, watching the election of his country’s first black president.

In the nova of this historic moment, with an economic recession threatening their home, Zan, his wife, and their son set out to solve the enigma of the little girl’s life. When they find themselves scattered and strewn across two continents, a mysterious stranger with a secret appears, who sends the story spiraling forty years into the past.

At once immediate and epic, funny and devastating, this new novel by the author of Zeroville is a transcendent dispatch from the intersection of art and politics, passion and memory. Sweeping from 1960s London and ‘70s Berlin to Twenty-First Century California, and the ground zero of civilization called Ethiopia, These Dreams of You chronicles not only a family struggling to salvage its bonds but a desperate, defiant four-year-old whose body is a radio, a future rhythm & blues that circles “the sphere of time,” and a nation alighting from its leap of imagination.

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