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Yishai Sarid
Europa Editions ISBN: 978-1-60945-000-7
Pub. date: December 2010
160 pages
Size: 5ľ x 8ľ
Price: $15.00

A high-ranking official in the Israeli secret service is handed a new brief: go undercover as an aspiring novelist to befriend Daphna, an Israeli writer, and her friend Hani, a renowned Palestinian poet. The target is Haniís son Yotam, a wanted terrorist leader. As the undercover agent becomes ingrained in Daphna and Haniís lives, his own well-entrenched sense of right and wrong is clouded. The writers have awoken feelings he thought were long dead. Yet his sense of duty and the habits of a lifetime in the military propel the agent to go ahead with his deceptions and lay a trap for Yotam.

Playing upon the elderly poetís sentiments, the agent convinces him to arrange a meeting with his son in Limassol, the seaside town where the Israeli secret service will be waiting for their chance to assassinate Yotam. But at the final moment the agent will have to choose between his professional loyalties and the long dormant feelings his new friendships have awoken.

A spellbinding novel that takes the reader on a tumultuous journey through the conflicted Israeli mind.

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