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Sélim Nassib

Sélim Nassib

Sélim Nassib was born in Beirut in 1946 and currently lives in Paris. Throughout the 1980s, during the war in Lebanon, he served as a correspondent for the French newspaper Liberation. He is also well known for his articles appearing in other high-profile periodicals. In 1990, he put an end to his career as journalist and has since dedicated himself full-time to literature. He is the author of The Palestinian Lover (Europa Editions, 2007) and I Loved You for Your Voice (Europa Editions, 2006).

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  • Golda Meir was Israel's prime minister during the Yom Kippur war. She was an ardent Zionist, who became known as the Iron Lady long before the term was applied to Margaret Thatcher. The idea that she had a passionate love affair in the 1930s with a Palestinian banker seems...
    — Jul 25 2007
  • Sélim Nassib (I Loved You for Your Voice, 2006)) once again uses historical events to frame a love story. In the Palestine of the 1920s, a few hardy Jews, trying to bring their Zionist dreams to life, are toiling on their kibbutz. Meanwhile, Palestinian banker Albert Pharaon...
    — Nov 29 2006
  • Much of journalist Nassib’s second novel (after I Loved You for Your Voice) takes place between 1923 and 1937, telling the story of a young Golda Meir and her love affair with Palestinian aristocrat Albert Pharaon: “An impossible story? Almost impossible, obliged to unfold...
    — Nov 17 2006
  • A subtle meditation on sex and politics in pre-statehood Israel, this slim novel expands on the legend that a young Golda Meir had an affair with Albert Pharaon, the heir to a Palestinian fortune. Albert is sophisticated and elegant, but his social circle's mercenary hypocrisy...
    — Oct 26 2006
  • New Novel Chronicles Life, Love of Poet Ahmad Rami and Um Kulthum   I Loved You for Your Voice By Selim Nassib Trans. Alison Anderson Europa Editions, 2006   By Sami Asmar   The story of Arab arts and culture cannot be told without a...
    — Oct 25 2006
  • from Words Without Borders Modern Egypt is a dream unfulfilled. Independence from Britain was supposed to usher in a glorious era in which Egypt would unite the Middle East under the banner of pan-Arabism. That dream died in 1967, when Egyptian forces suffered a catastrophic...
    — Mar 20 2006
  • A fictional memoir of the intense, symbiotic relationship between an Egyptian poet and the Arab world’s greatest female singer. In rapt, lyrical prose, Paris-based writer and journalist Nassib spins a rhapsodic narrative out of the indissoluble connection between two creative...
    — Dec 21 2005