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Tonga Books is an imprint of Europa Editions.

Titles published under the Tonga imprint will all be selected by prominent contemporary writers. The first titles have been chosen and edited by the author Alice Sebold.

Tonga Books is characterized by strong narrative voice and story, and solid, well-written prose. Tonga is unafraid of darker material, uninterested in cleverness for the sake of cleverness, and passionate about depth of character. Among other things, Tonga hopes to cultivate the sort of cutting edge voices that go overlooked by larger publishing houses.

The goal with Tonga Books, as has always been the goal with Europa Editions, is to publish quality literature in editions that are appealing and distinctive. The imprint will serve both new and established writers by publishing their work in quality paperback editions that will be similar in style and feel to Europa Editions paperbacks. However, Tonga Books cover design will feature original illustrations, giving the imprint a unique look.

3 books in Tonga
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3 books in Tonga
page 1 of 1
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