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Carlo Lucarelli

Via delle Oche

Carlo Lucarelli

Via delle Oche

2008, pp. 144, Paperback
ISBN: 9781933372532
Translated by: Michael Reynolds
Region: Italy
Book collection: World Noir
$ 14.95

The book

“Lucarelli skillfully forces us to view De Luca’s twisted world from the policeman’s own skewed perspective.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer

It is 1948. Italy’s fate is soon to be decided in bitterly contested national elections. A man has been found dead in via delle Oche, at the center of Bologna’s notorious red light district. The city fathers would like to disguise the man’s death as a suicide. But Commissario De Luca knows better. While the man hanging from a rafter does have a noose around his neck and an overturned stool beneath him, when the stool is righted, his feet don’t reach the seat. “Normal enough that a hanged man grows a little longer if he’s left a while,” De Luca quips. “But I’ve never heard of one getting shorter.”

As always, De Luca is unwilling to look the other way when evidence in the man’s murder points to local politicians and members of the Bologna police force. The brutal worlds of crime and politics conspire once again, and in this installment of the renowned De Luca trilogy, sex for money is added into the mix. As elections creep nearer, the death count escalates with every new lead. De Luca is so close to the truth he can smell it, and it reeks of danger. In this third and final installment, violence, power, and sex combine to create an atmosphere that becomes more volatile with every day.

“Italy’s Carlo Lucarelli proves that the dark and sinister are better evoked when one opts for unadulterated grit and grime.”—San Diego Union-Tribune

The author

Carlo Lucarelli
Carlo Lucarelli is one of Italy’s best-loved crime writers. He was born in Parma in 1960. His publishing debut came with the extremely successful De Luca Trilogy in 1990 and he has since published over a dozen novels and collections of stories. He is an active member of several Italian and international writer’s association, he teaches at Alessandro Baricco’s Holden School in Turin and in Padova’s maximum security prison. Several of his novels have been translated into French for Gallimard’s renowned “Noir” series. He conducts the program “Blue Night” on Italian network television, and his novels Almost Blue and Lupo Mannaro have both been made into films, the first by Alex Infascelli and the latter by Antonio Tibaldi. Lucarelli's Web site (in Italian) Author's profile on Wikipedia


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