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Here Comes Timpa


Here Comes Timpa

2007, pp. , Paperback
ISBN: 9781933372280
Translated by: Michael Reynolds
Region: Italy
$ 14.95

The book

For decades, Timpa has been the best-loved children’s character in Italy, spawning television tie-ins, animated films, all manner of merchandising and dozens of imitators. In this first book of the Timpa series, the kind-hearted Signor Armando and the fun-loving Timpa make each other’s acquaintance while Armando is out picking strawberries. Altan’s marvelously colored illustrations and the simple, charming dialogues are bound to capture children’s hearts. For pre-school/kindergarten age children.

The author

Altan worked as a screenwriter in Rome before moving to Rio de Janeiro in 1970, where his first comic strips were published in local papers. His most famous creations, including Timpa, began appearing in Italy in the late seventies. He has had personal exhibitions in Zurich and Udine. He currently lives in Aquileia, Italy Timpa ("Pimpa" in Italian) Web site


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