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Edna Mazya

Love Burns

Edna Mazya

Love Burns

2006, pp. 192, Paperback
ISBN: 9781933372082
Translated by: Dalya Bilu
Region: Israel
Book collection: World Noir
$ 14.95
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The book

“A surprisingly fresh, deeply sardonic debut novel.” —Publishers Weekly

Ilan, a middle-aged professor of astrophysics, discovers that his young wife is having an affair. Terrified of losing her, he decides to confront her lover. Their meeting ends in the latter’s murder––the unlikely weapon being Ilan’s pipe. In desperation, Ilan disposes of the body in the fresh grave of his kindergarten teacher. But when the body is discovered . . .

The author

Edna Mazya
Edna Mazya was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. She is one of Israel's most lauded and popular playwrights. In 1997 she received the Margalit Prize for her play Family Story. Her performed plays include Wien by the Sea (Haifa, 1995), The Uncle from Capetown (Haifa, 1995), Games in the Backyard (Haifa, 1993), The Rebels (Cameri, 1999) and Herod (Or Am, 2000) Love Burns, published in Israel in 1997, is her first novel. She currently teaches dramatic writing at Tel Aviv University.


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