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Luis Sepúlveda

The Shadow of What We Were

Luis Sepúlveda

The Shadow of What We Were

2011, pp. 160, Paperback
ISBN: 9781609450021
Translated by: Howard Curtis
Region: Chile
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$ 15.00

The book

In a warehouse in Santiago, three aging friends meet and await the arrival of a man from their past. Once militant supporters of Salvador Allende, they have grown disillusioned in the three and a half decades since his assassination. Their city has changed under Pinochet, and so have they: heart troubles, thinning hair, a few pounds too many around the waist; there is little left to connect them with their glory days. But now, the three friends have been called together at the behest of the anarchist, Pedro Nolasco, a.k.a. The Shadow, to carry out one final revolutionary gesture. But Lucho, Lolo and Cacho wait in vain; the sudden and gruesome death of The Shadow leaves them without a leader. Now they must turn to Coco Aravena, the most reckless of their former comrades. After years of playing second fiddle, this is the bumbling Coco’s chance to show them what he is capable of.

The author

Luis Sepúlveda
Born in in 1949, Luis Sepúlveda left his native country after years of political activism lead to his incarceration under Augusto Pinochet’s regime. Following his initial career as a poet he received literary acclaim in 1989 with his novel The Old Man Who Read Love Stories. He lives in Spain.


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